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Hash Rush Introduction

Hash Rush is a Massively Multiplayer Online Real-Time Strategy Game (MMO-RTS), set in the fictional Hermian Galaxy.
Player's join Hash Rush in the immediate aftermath of a galactic catastrophe known as the Crystal Storm. Countless crystal shards have crashed into every known planet of the Hermian galaxy and have slowly buried their way into the planet's crust. Shockingly, this was only the beginning as the crystals were shards of a hive mind that has the singular aim of corrupting and shaping life to its own ends.
This new malevolent force quickly became known as the crystal scourge.


Hash Rush is a Real-time strategy game (RTS) that is (as of Jan 1, 2022) split into three core game modes:
  1. 1.
    Standard Mode
  2. 2.
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    Boss Assault
Each mode presents the player with a unique gameplay experience, with the standard mode being a typical RTS experience where the player needs to train workers, gather resources, build a base, train combat units, defend against enemy attacks, then counter-attack and destroy all of their bases.
Standard Mode Items
When the player destroys specific enemy buildings, special treasure chests will drop that can contain a range of items including random crafting resources, crystals to power crafting, or keys to open vaults that contain special heroes.
This is the main gameplay mode where players can farm crafting resources.
The dungeon mode gives the player a strategic challenge without requiring the player to construct and maintain a base. In this mode, the player buys units (heroes and standard) with a fixed amount of points and then has to complete the dungeon with those units.
Dungeon Mode Items
Players will need to complete dungeons in order to unlock new crafting recipes.
The boss assault mode is a defensive mission. Players can select up to three heroes and are then put in control of a pre-made base. They are given a fixed amount of time during which they will need to train more units and prepare the base's defense. Once the timer runs out, the enemy will launch attacks. Eventually, a boss will spawn, if the player defeats that boss, they will win the match.
Boss Assault Unique Items Players need to complete the boss assault mode in order to gain the items needed to unlock and improve the skills of their heroes.
Standard mode will be in the game from the very beginning (the first playtest in Q1 of 2022), and the Dungeon and Boss Assault modes will be added with the second and third 2022 playtests.
Further information on the game's modes can be found in the dedicated game mode section.

Heroes and the Crafting System

Accompanying the game's story-driven game modes is the Hero system. Heroes are the most powerful units that players can own (and use) in Hash Rush, and are acquired via crafting, direct purchase, in-game summoning (via vaults), or purchase/trade from other players.
The heroes can also be armed with equipment that the player crafts, purchases, or acquires via in-game drops.
Beserker Class Hero - Arhan
Healer Class Hero - Velkir
The game's hero system can be seen as a direct evolution of the gacha system made popular in games such as Epic 7, Cookie Run Kingdom, Dragonball Dokkan Battle, and Grand Cross Seven Deadly Sins.
However, unlike the aforementioned titles, thanks to Hash Rush's integration with Vorto Network, the heroes and the equipment that the heroes use can be traded, allowing for a more open and free system.
Balancing item trading and the game's design, along with the ability for VZ Games to retain profitability, (and thus guarantee the longevity of the game's operation) has been made possible through the use of the Vorto Network and its careful use of blockchain technology.
We recognize that for some of our readers this can be concerning thanks to a variety of reasons - ranging from environmental, to the over sensualization and hype of the technology. However, we are confident that the way in which we use blockchain addresses most-if-not-all of the negative concerns.
We highly recommend that you read our justification and method of blockchain integration in the dedicated blockchain integration pages here.
More information on the heroes and the crafting system can be found in the Hash Rush RTS section.
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