Hash Rush
Game Modes
Hash Rush is split into three different game modes, standard, dungeon, and boss assault.

Standard Mode

The Standard game mode requires the player to cleanse a corrupted planet from the Crystal Scourge. The planet itself is split into multiple zones, with each zone representing a unique procedurally generated map that the player has to conquer.
This mode is the only one where players can acquire (via gameplay) the special crafting materials. These materials are then used to craft playable heroes, equipment for the heroes, and game boosts (e.g. increased attack, increased movement speed, etc).
When in the standard game mode, the player will need to recruit workers to gather resources, construct buildings, and train an army to defeat the Crystal Scourge. While doing so, players will also be able to gather special crafting resources that can be used outside of the main game mode to craft heroes, equipment, and boosts, all of which are tokenized and tradeable via the Vorto Network.


Whenever the player destroys an enemy building, a chest will drop. These chests can then be opened and will provide the player with:
  • Crafting resources (random)
  • Vault keys (future content)
  • Crystals
Furthermore, the standard mode is the main way for players to mine crystals, a resource needed to craft items.

Dungeon Mode

Dungeon mode is an upcoming game mode currently planned for the second Hash Rush playtest (June) and plays a vital role in the game's crafting system.
Dungeons differ from Standard Mode as you cannot build any buildings or train additional units, instead, players are given points that they can spend on units and heroes. The player will need to create a dungeon raiding force out of these points.
Dungeons have two special rules
  • Dungeons are tied to the biome that they reside in (impacting the rewards).
  • The dungeons are themed to the monster(s) that reside within the biome, for example, the dungeon could be the "Dungeon of the Fishers".


Dungeons are the main source of recipes (used for crafting), however other items will be obtainable from the dungeons as well.

Boss Assault Mode

The Boss Assault mode is planned for the August+ release of Hash Rush and will be the primary source of items that add effects to the Hero Abilities.
Boss Assault mode is designed to be a quick gameplay mode. When a player enters this mode, they must select what heroes to take into the match, (heroes are optional, but recommended) and are then given a pre-made base. The player will have a few minutes to train a defensive force, and prepare for the enemy.
The player will be shown a timer that counts down towards the start of the next wave.
Once the timer ends, the enemy will attack and the player has to defeat it with only the heroes that they brought along, and the units that they managed to train during the countdown period.
The player wins by defeating all enemies in the wave, and once the wave ends, the player is once again shown a timer during which they can prepare themselves for the next wave.
This process repeats itself until the player is defeated (loses all units) or chooses to quit.


The Boss Assault mode will drop items that are required to unlock and improve Hero Skills, and also items that grant experience to heroes.