Hash Rush
Timeline and Roadmap


Early - Mid Q1 Hash Rush Playtest - "Rush to the Core"

  • Standard game mode set to easy difficulty
  • Core RTS gameplay.
    • Train multiple units
    • Construct a base
    • Defend against enemies
    • Attack and destroy the enemy bases to win the match
  • Grid-based layout, allowing buildings to snap into place.
  • 1 planet that consists of multiple maps, and two biomes.
  • Heroes in 'sample/test' mode
    • Carex
    • Farion
    • Melighar
    • Sarnack (crafted in-game)
    • Arhan
    • Velkir
  • Heavily improved graphics and UI
  • Testnet trading between players for crafting resources
  • Dedicated 'Report bug' function in-game. Players need to press a hotkey, allowing them to submit a bug to the team.
  • A basic crafting system that allows the players to craft:
    • One item for each slot on the heroes
    • The hero "Sarnack"
  • Optimized performance

Between Playtests 1 and 2

  • A special "Hero Preview" client
    • This client will be connected to the Vorto Network LIVE and lets players see and interact with the heroes that they own.
    • It places the heroes in a simple map, giving them the opportunity to test the hero abilities (vs enemy units) and see how they interact with each other.
  • This will be a special event that re-opens the game for a limited time (up to 2 weeks) and with a single (fixed) map.
  • During this event, two highscore tables will activate on the Hash Rush website that showcases
    • How fast they complete the map.
    • The highest points they get from playing the map (points are only recorded if you win the match).
      • Points are derived from, how fast the map is completed (faster is better), how many enemy units the player defeats (more is better), how many units the player loses (less is better), and how many resources the player has gathered (more is better). Note: The criteria for earning points may change by the time the event starts. Please refer to the official announcement (when it is made) for the correct rules. This page will be updated after the announcement is made.

June Playtest - "Crafting Mayhem"

  • Further optimized performance and fixed all reported bugs from the February playtest.
  • Add in the second game mode, Dungeons. Learn more about Dungeons here.
  • Add the main crafting system for Hash Rush Learn more about Crafting here.
  • Expand on the number of items and heroes that the player can craft.
  • (Improved but not final) balancing for the heroes and equipment.
  • Fully working skin and customization system